Are you having a hard time finding an iPad in good condition and at a reasonable price? At upcycle it, we have iPads from different generations but which all have two things in common - High quality at well below the new price.

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Used iPads for Everyone

A mini-computer. This is how most people would describe Apple's iPads, and our used iPads are no exception. With these little machines you can work, shop and play while on the go. Unfortunately, the downside is that an iPad often comes with a high price tag.

This does not have to be the case. Because with used iPads from upcycle it you can save a lot of money and still get all the amazing benefits an iPad is known for.

Used iPads with warranty

As with all upcycle it electronics, you also get a 2 year warranty on our used iPads.

We believe that a good price on used IT must reflect quality, security and transparency. So you as a buyer know what you are getting when you buy a product at upcycle it.